One guy on a quest to streamline design work in Unity


I'm Sarfaraaz, and I started Rippleware to develop tools that save time and effort for the work that is actually fun in Unity.

I've been working in Unity since 2013, and I embraced the arcane art of editor scripting to automate repetitive work, create more intuitive workflows, and to generally save myself from the countless steps that seem to comprise every design task.

Through Rippleware, I can share some of my best work with the Unity community and, with hope, make the business of making games a bit more enjoyable for everyone. 

Make your worlds better : Make our world better

Creating games is ultimately about bringing joy into the world, and I want to echo that intention by donating a portion of Rippleware’s revenue to charity. I’ve only been doing this since late December 2016, so I won’t wow you with numbers just yet. Still, I believe that if I don’t suck at serving you, Rippleware can really make waves one day.

I’m still figuring out how this is all going to work, but for the foreseeable future proceeds will be donated to Amnesty International.

The ripples are small and short-lived now, but every purchase adds weight to the next rock that gets thrown into the metaphorical water.